Telehealth Osteopathy Appointments - by Video or Phone

Osteopathy and your appointment is a lot more than just the hands-on element, that perhaps we are best known for and that is why we are now offering Telephone or Video (Skype or Facetime) consultations.


This will still enable us to help you with your recovery, while taking pressure of NHS front line services and reducing the transmission of the coronovirus.

We will be able to help you by:

  • Taking time to listen to you. For new patients, we allow at least 30 minutes to go through a detailed consultation, including details of your complaint(s) as well as a system check, lifestyle review and medical history. 

  • A visual examination and movement analysis (if using video).

  • Provide a diagnosis (most of the time) and rule out anything more serious.

  • Provide reassurance and help you come to terms your presentation.

  • Put together a recovery plan for you. This can include: - 

- Healthcare advice.

- Lifestyle adjustments

- Pain management and breathing exercises.

- A Personalised rehabilitation program,including appropriate exercises with access to our videos videos), 

- Injury preventionhow to prevent the injury recurring and offer reassurance.

You can book these appointments by calling us , or by booking online and they will be available for £35 for new patients and £30 for follow up appointments. 


So rather than being being left in pain / not able to move freely and having  to rely on the internet, which often leaves us more confused - feel free to contact us and find out what is going on and how we can help.