How often should I see an osteopath?

“How often should I see an Osteopath?” is one of the most common questions we get asked about Osteopathic treatments. The answer varies depending on the individual’s presenting condition and personal health goals. However, a few guidelines may help you ascertain how often you should see an Osteopath.   It is important to know that …

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Are Osteopaths Doctors?

Osteopaths are qualified healthcare professionals who specialise in identifying and treating problems caused by musculoskeletal issues using manual therapy, exercise, and other techniques.   Although they are not medical doctors, they are regulated as healthcare professionals in the UK, they have completed a degree in osteopathy and passed exams to practice.   They do not …

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Osteopathy for Sports Injuries

We offer Osteopathy for sports injuries. Experience professional care with our Osteopath in Croydon and with 20 years treatment experience under our belt. You are in good hands.

Can An Osteopath Help With Knee Pain?

A knee injury can cause pain and discomfort, especially during weight-bearing movement as when walking, standing up and sitting down and going up or down stairs.  This can lead the injured person to miss activities they enjoy and limit their social life. However, many injuries can heal quickly, often recovering within six weeks. But sometimes, …

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