Sports Massage, Osteopathic Soft Tissue and Myofascial Release

Sometimes you are just wanting a more relaxing treatment, to prep or recover from exercise or an event, to have tight aching muscles worked out. These treatments will be excellent for you.

Sport Massage
Osteopathic Soft Tissue

A style where the pressure can be light and /or deep, which utilises more advanced specialist techniques and assisted stretching where appropriate. This is the perfect massage if you have more specific muscle complaints, are looking to improve performance, help recover from sports injuries and workouts and to reduce the likelihood of picking up muscle and tendon injuries.

30 mins - £50

45 mins - £60

60 mins - £70

A focus on correction and rehabiltion that looks to align the body to its norm, thereby restoring function​.

A range of techniques are used to achieve this aim, including those more commonly used in sports massage and myofascial release as well as Osteopathic soft tissue techniques.


The techniques used may use a cream or not.

30 mins - £50

45 mins - £60

60 mins - £70

Myofascial Release

A treatment that is based on working on the fascial system. Fascia is found throughout the body, under the skin, in and around muscles and around the organs of the body. In fact fascia makes up to 80% of a muscle, which massage has very little effect on. 

​Fascia itself can hold onto any trauma that has been experienced by a person, be it  physical or emotional. This can then effect the person by directly influencing facia elsewhere in the body, which can cause pain, tightness, or discomfort.

​Myofascial release positively effects the fascia by creating heat in the fascia which allows it to return to its natural length, reducing adhesions and fibrosis. This can reduce pain, often creating a greater sense of freedom and movement in an area.

​Most people find the treatment relaxing. It is a dry technique and undertaken without oil or cream. The therapist will often use a variety of techniques including, stretching, traction, rocking and dry massage.​

60 mins - £70

90 mins - £105

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