Osteopathy for Sports Injuries

How Osteopathy can help with Sports Injury Recovery


What is Osteopathy?


Osteopathy is a non-invasive, drug-free manual therapy treatment that identifies, treats and prevents many soft tissue and joint problems. In short, Osteopaths treat the individual by massaging, moving and stretching their muscles and joints to encourage the body to heal itself without the need for medication.


This is important for athletes who are strictly monitored so as not to partake in illegal drugs and substances within their sport.

As a result, Osteopathy is often a first point of contact and is highly regarded among sports communities as an alternative to pain medication. Of course, Osteopathy is excellent for anyone that takes part in a sporting activity, not just elite athletes.


Osteopathy is performed by regulated healthcare professionals called Osteopaths.


How does osteopathy treat sports injuries?


Athletes have a strict diet regime and can’t carelessly take medicines. 


Hence, professional players largely depend on Osteopaths and their knowledge of sporting injuries to perform treatment that doesn’t include using medications and surgeries.


Additionally, osteopathic treatment can be used as a preventive procedure to keep an athlete’s body in optimum condition, performing at peak efficiency and avoiding injuries in the future.


Furthermore, Osteopaths’ holistic treatment approach is based on an individual’s movement patterns and knowledge of the athlete’s sport so that the underlying cause of a specific injury is identified and then treated accordingly.


For example, a superficial knee injury can have another underlying cause, like a pinched nerve in the spine, weak hip muscles or reduced ankle movement.


Benefits of osteopathic treatment for athletes and sports injuries


No matter how many safety practices are made, injuries are inevitable during sports events.


This predicament is multiplied during contact sports events like MMA and Football, where bruises, muscle strains and joint sprains are quite common, if not expected.


Osteopathy can, therefore, greatly aid athletes by giving quick pain relief and advice, as demonstrated during the Wimbledon Tennis Championships when an Osteopath successfully treated Roger Federer’s damaged shoulder so that he could continue competing.


The main reason is that Osteopathy focuses on non-invasive procedures, can be applied “pitch /courtside” and provided swiftly, making it perfect during sports events to keep the athlete going.

Some Osteopaths also use techniques such as Kinesio Taping. Kinesio taping is an excellent way to improve function and movement awareness. It is less restrictive (though less supportive of a joint) than traditional taping and strapping, making it an ideal method of ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.

Other benefits of Osteopathic Treatment for athletes include:


  • Faster recovery after injury

  • Reduction of swelling

  • Relief for aching muscles and joints

  • Improved function at the injured areas and elsewhere in the body

  • Reduced pain without the use of pain medications

  • Increased range and ease of movement.

  • Improved blood flow

  • Potentially improve performance


Common Osteopathic Treatments for Sports Injuries can include

  • Exercise Prescription and Rehabilitation.

  • Soft Tissue Massage and Stretching

  • Myofascial work

  • Joint Manipulation and mobilisation

  • Dry Needling

  • Kinesio Taping

Osteopathy on the global stage

In 2004, the Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA) was founded by osteopathic organisations representing osteopaths who champion the osteopathic philosophy and practice.


The OIA monitored various osteopathic treatments rendered worldwide, most prominently on successive Olympic Games throughout the years.


This culminated in 2018 when the OIA entered into official relations with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and became the emissary for Osteopathic professionals worldwide and the chief promoter of high-quality osteopathic healthcare.

Sports Osteopaths in Croydon, London


Our Osteopath in Croydon is always ready to cater to your needs. We are authorised and well-equipped (with 20 years of experience in treating sports injuries) to provide the best care to our sports-minded clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to have an appointment.

The final stretch


Sports injuries are serious and can be the endgame of most athletes if not treated quickly and efficiently and lead to issues further down the road if not addressed.


As a result, more and more professional athletes and sports teams are becoming aware of the importance of having an Osteopath with their entourage.


So whether you are an active or casual member of a sports community, Osteopathy can be your first point of call if injured and a better option than visiting a masseuse for diagnosis and treatment. Many athletes also benefit from a regular check-up with a regulated osteopath, which is a more effective choice than taking painkillers in the medium to long term. Like a great man once said, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”