#Didyouknow? International Osteopathic Healthcare Week

Did You Know… that this week is International Osteopathic Healthcare Awareness Week running from the 14th-20th April 2019. It is a reminder that the profession is continuing to grow and is becoming more widely accepted by allopathic (Traditional Western Medicine) practitioners in general health, with over 43,000 Osteopaths in over 50 countries (about 5,000 in the UK).

What the week also does is to jog all of our memories, that our health matters and we should all continue to take steps to look after ourselves. This week is of course a great opportunity to create awareness of how Osteopathy works, what it treats, and how it could help you.

In the UK, Osteopathy is a profession regulated by statute. Osteopaths train for 4-5 years full time with over 1000 hours of clinical practice. The profession is becoming increasingly recognised within UK healthcare and while the majority of Osteopaths work in private care, some do work within the NHS. Last year we were granted “Allied Healthcare Profession status” ranking us alongside Podiatrists and Physiotherapists amongst others.

Did you know that Osteopathy is more than just clicking people backs? It is a system of diagnosis (using a range of tools which may also include Orthopaedic, Cardiovascular and Neurological testing), and treatment of an individual to help with a wide range of conditions using manual techniques,

Did You Know we can also advise on diet, exercises, general health and can assess a range of other complaints (for which we may need to refer on)?

With over half of patients reporting an improvement in symptoms after one week and over 95% expressing confidence in Osteopathic treatment and advice, Osteopathy can help:

  • Headache/Migraine
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Arthritic Pain and Stiffness
  • Sciatic Pain / Neuralgia

Plus your Osteopath is fully qualified to help with sporting or performance injuries and occupational health and ergonomics.

Finally, Did You Know – you can join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @ARC_Osteopathy for more information this week!



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