Stephanie Horsted - Associate Osteopath

Stephanie is a qualified osteopath and sport rehabilitator, who graduated from the University College of Osteopathy and St Mary’s University respectively.

Stepahanie has been heavily involved in sport and was previously a gymnastics coach and has professional experience working with injured athletes. 

This allows her to create individualised rehabilitation plans for her patients, helping them in their ability to self-manage their recovery and achieving of goals.

As a practitioner she has a firm belief in a whole-body and patient centred approach with
understanding of the effects trauma, stress and mental health conditions can place on the body.

A passion both professionally and personally of hers is inclusivity within healthcare of those in the LGBTQI+ community, particularly non-binary and transgender identifying individuals.

She has begun advocating for inclusive and affirming healthcare practices, ensuring everyone receives the highest level and care they deserve in a safe environment.


Stephanie is available Tuesdays and Wednesday in Croydon